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I’d like to thank everyone involved in the project. Your commitment, additional effort and participation to deliver what was required, is proof to our excellent team work.

Lisa A. Rogers
Senior Project Manager E-commerce, Marketing Systems, Virgin Atlantic


The Business Context

Virgin Atlantic is one of the UK’s leading airline carriers, operating long haul routes to destinations such as North America, the Caribbean and the Far East. It has one of the most frequently visited airline websites in the world and works hard to ease the process for online customers making reservations and seeking quick responses to their travel demands.

The company sought to attain a reliable e-commerce application that enables users to make online bookings and purchases for a wide range of services, acknowledging that creating a dynamic environment for its website was the key to exceeding customer expectations while remaining competitive.

Virgin Atlantic also recognised that online visitors must be provided with the suitable tools in order to use the services in such a way as to derive maximum benefit from a minimum amount of actions, thus improving overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution

iQuest and Virgin Atlantic worked together to build and implement a flexible and reliable eCommerce platform that enhanced customers online experience and ensured a strong environment for the delivery of a variety of flight booking related services.

iQuest delivered a complex solution which employs authentication and security protocols of online payment, with options for online check-in and online boarding-pass submission. Due to the large variety of external system interactions, the dynamic website content and the constant need for updates, Tridion was selected as the CMS of choice in order to provide the Virgin Atlantic website editors with a handy content management system.

The website was integrated with several external systems, providing a variety of different services like flight data caching, flight reservation, insurance, frequent flyer data, tracking, boarding pass printing and online payment.

By working closely with the Virgin Atlantic team, we took the implementation of specific functionalities to further grounds, continuously endeavoring to improve the system architecture, and design in order to build flexibility and sturdiness for future changes.

The Virgin Atlantic Website relies on a solid and flexible eCommerce platform, allowing an increased number of bookings.


The Business Impact

The Virgin Atlantic website relies on a very stable platform, allowing an increased number of users to book, amend bookings or check-in online. The website now provides the vast majority of the services which were previously available only through call-centres while preserving Virgin Atlantic on a top market position through a sound online presence.

Virgin Atlantic increased profits by turning one-time clients into loyal clients, cut distribution costs by increasing online traffic and reduced operational costs by offering an efficient online purchase service.

With a solid and flexible e-commerce platform in place, Virgin Atlantic demonstrates a well-founded commitment to enhance the online experience of every customer.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased server availability by 10%
  • Reduced solution time for incidents by 15%
  • Profits and conversion rates growth
  • Enhanced number of website bookings