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We had a successful partnership with iQuest for the last 5 years. The iQuest team have been a part of our success over this period, with skilled developers and testers being a vital part of the overall delivery team. iQuest understand our company culture and business needs. I very much see the relationship going from strength to strength.

Chief Information Officer


The Business Context

Our client is one of the world’s most iconic business news and information organisations, with around 4.8 million registered users and 300,000 digital subscribers. Printed in more than 22 cities globally, the newspaper specialises in international business and financial news.

Recognised internationally for its integrity and accuracy, our client provides essential news, comments, data and analysis for the global business community. Its digital edition, is one of the most frequently visited financial newspaper websites in the world.

The Solution

In a period of intense competition on the global media market, the news organisation considers its website to be a vital business component, capable of providing the company with an extensive competitive advantage. In order to constantly ensure both excellent online services for the website’s visitors and flexibility for its editors, the newspaper saw the need for a more dynamic online platform, easier to maintain and less restrictive towards editorial desires.

Having established a close collaboration with the client, iQuest supported the company’s efforts to replace the website’s long-standing platform with a faster and more versatile alternative.

The team focused on the content editing and publishing process but also on developing a more user-friendly website. Two large applications were implemented, enabling the system to read data and presents it to the public, allowing editors to easily build pages and insert content the way they see fit.

iQuest helped define the release mechanisms, building and branching policies, refactoring, testing and supported the development of several other applications revolving around the two large ones, including an application used for importing feeds and another that uses a text mining engine.

The Business Impact

The new online platform enables our client to efficiently offer users a complete, unmatched view of world business all in one place. The new website functions as an information hub for news providers and features a broader range of content provided by 3rd parties such as images, videos, podcasts, interactive mini applications, blogs and RSS feeds.

The newspaper’s digital edition now renders consistent performance, a higher quality end-user experience, better flexibility and shorter response time (under 2s). By using the new editorial tool, editors can publish content as well as set the appearance of articles with the option to preview the changes they have made while still focusing on the values readers rely upon.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Usability
    Faster and flexible content and user interface updates and maintenance.
  • Improved Data Availability
    Simplified process with less editing restrictions.
  • Improved Data Representation
    High flexibility workspace with a reduced response time in under 2 seconds.
  • Improved Personalisation
    Enhanced publishing process in a user-focused environment.

The client benefits from a comprehensive online presence and a stable website, covering all professional features in order to deliver the services and information that drive the business community.