The Business Context

With millions of registered users and active customers worldwide, the British online fashion retailer has enjoyed significant success and growth since its inception.

In order to accommodate the growing needs of their active and passionate community, the company needed to complement their existing offering with an online marketplace that would enable vintage clothing sellers and independent designers to sell fashion items to anyone in the world.

iQuest worked together with the client and a global digital marketing agency, selected by the client, to design and build the new commerce fashion platform. We committed to providing a wide range of services, from development to managed services, ensuring that the online marketplace was built and deployed in an agile environment.

The Solution

The idea behind the online marketplace was to build a digital platform where a wide array of third parties such as boutiques, individuals and designers could open virtual stores and sell products through the website.

The development of the new website was based on a delivery approach that included a three-phase roadmap, a detailed scope and agile scrum method. The e-commerce platform was built from the ground up with iQuest developing the complex back-end and ensuring 24/7 maintenance and operational support for the website.

Sales through the marketplace platform registered a 700% growth in its first year, now hosting over 800 boutiques.

Creating the platform included the development of the user profile management (buyer, seller, online boutique) and the order and basket management components, as well as the invoice processor, a monthly billing engine. Specific scripts were designed to collect and transfer financial data to the accounting department.

The Business Impact

The client’s marketplace website groups many independent fashion designers and boutiques from all over the world to a single platform, giving them the opportunity to sell their products and reach a relevant audience without having to worry about promotion, billing, marketing, and delivery options.

The commerce platform enables all sellers, regardless of their size, to log on and upload items for sale or apply to have their own featured boutique, ensuring all user-generated content remains easy to create and manage.

It also features social network integration for website login with the user’s Facebook account and like & share capabilities, PayPal integration and faceted search.

Sales through the marketplace platform registered a 700% growth in its first year. The website is now home to more than 800 vintage, independent label and multi-brand fashion boutiques in 70 countries worldwide, listing over 100,000 items. It has since received multiple industry awards and has been recognised as a benchmark in online fashion retailing.

The client’s marketplace website is a unique eCommerce platform that successfully extends its online proposition, proving to be a vital part of its engagement strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • More than 1,000 active sellers
  • Over 500,000 visitors since its launch
  • Best Website and Best Retail Revolution Awards, May 2012
  • Online Retail Mobile Site of the Year Online Retail Awards, September 2012
  • Gold Award The Lovie Awards, October 2011