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By working closely with iQuest, CloudOn was able to accelerate the development and the expansion of our client’s offering in a way that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This has contributed significantly to our growth and flexibility as a company.

Meir Morgenstern
Co-Founder & Vice President of Engineering, CloudOn


The Business Context

CloudOn is one of the fastest growing mobile services start-ups in the world. It provides cloud-based Productivity Globally, CloudOn’s service is used in more than 130 countries.

CloudOn enables users to maximise the power of their mobile devices by delivering the applications they need to be dynamic.

Being a firm believer that productivity needs to move beyond the personal computer and become mobile and social, CloudOn built a new cloud-based platform that delivers applications to any device. It uses the cloud to enhance the productivity of multi-device users by linking people, applications and files in a single workspace.

The Solution

After launching its initial service, CloudOn was looking for a solution to help it scale the client portfolio from a single device, the iPad, to a portfolio of devices including additional tablets, smartphones, and beyond.

CloudOn and iQuest worked together to design and develop the multi-device mobile solution that allows CloudOn users to create, review and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on their iOS and Android devices via the native Microsoft Office application suite.

Each client was designed and optimised for the intended device and integrated with the CloudOn platform so as to ensure the user has the best possible experience. The development was implemented using a state-of-the-art environment and integrated with automated crash reporting and analytics

The platform was deployed in 8 data centres across the world to ensure an optimal user experience.

The Business Impact

The result of our collaboration with CloudOn is revolutionary. The user-focused solution provides a comprehensive mobile experience for the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. This includes standard functions, as well as, enhanced features for creating reviewing, editing and sharing the files efficiently – in real time. The platform also enables to open emails and files directly from the storage user accounts.

With the CloudOn workspace, edits are automatically and seamlessly saved back to their original location. This completes the comfortable list of features, allowing the user to facilitate professional mobile working. The users are enabled to create better workspace and organize more flexible working methods – by using their device of choice.

Available on both the Apple App Store and Google play, the application already helps millions of Android and iOS users across the world take advantage of the full productivity power of the cloud.

In 2013 CloudOn was named a “Top 9 Must Have” productivity app for iPhone and iPad.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Usability
    Dynamic application development to maximise mobile experience and high transparency in multi-device usability.
  • Improved Data Availability
    Real-time creating, editing, sharing or simply reviewing documents in your Office suite.
  • Improved Data Representation
    Enhanced workspace and flexible working methods application features.
  • Improved Personalisation
    Dedicated and optimised solution to fulfil client needs and requests.
  • Improved Compatibility
    Increased usability for Android and iOS availability via native Microsoft Office application suite.