The Business Context

Our client is a global leader in Diagnostics. The company provides diagnostics solutions, instrument systems and tests to some of the largest medical laboratories in the world. Its modular analyser instruments are designed to optimise test execution in high workload laboratories, and are critical to the company’s research and development of medical solutions.

Aiming to accommodate the fast-evolving digital needs of its customers, the client needed a mobile product that would provide real-time data on the status of the analyser systems and enable lab personnel to remotely monitor the working condition of these systems from different areas of a laboratory.

The Solution

The project goal was to create a highly-responsive, multi-platform mobile solution that allows lab managers, assistants and technicians to be connected to their laboratory instruments at all times. Because of iQuest’s long-standing collaboration with the client, our Mobile Solutions team was quickly able to propose a solution that not only took into consideration all the technical requirements, but also gave special attention to the User Experience. This meant that in order to ensure a fast user adoption the team had to design an application which focuses as much on the user experience and interaction as it does on meeting all the system integration and development needs.

iQuest ensured a high-quality of service by using a comprehensive development environment consisting of JIRA, Confluence, GitHub, and a custom-made automated crash reporting and logging system. End-user acceptance testing was performed before the official release, with iQuest also providing functional, system, integration and performance testing.

The end product turns mobile devices into remote viewers for connected instruments. It allows operators to check the system status, manage daily instrument setup and receive alarms and notifications, while away from their workstation. The application communicates with the Control Unit over wireless LAN and periodically interrogates for updated data on the overall system statuses, module statuses and reagent statuses. It also features authentication based on user credentials and allows for alarm push notifications for critical events, categorised by level of severity.

The Business Impact

With the distribution of the application within its network of laboratories worldwide, the client was able to adapt to the changing environment in which its customers operate. The new app is not only a powerful tool for customers, but also a valuable addition to the company’s long-term client-service strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Early Detection
    Constant access to real-time information ensures issues are detected early-on, securing service continuity.
  • Quick Response Time
    Users can provide immediate response in case of malfunction, keeping down times to a minimum.
  • User Experience
    A clear visual design and intuitive navigation gives users a quick overview of relevant information.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    The application guarantees high proactivity in preventing future failures, lowering financial risk.