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Supported by iQuest’s testing expertise, our collaboration resulted in a fully improved ad serving technology. Thanks to their in-depth understanding of our business needs, iQuest became a trusted partner, enabling us to increase the performance of our solutions  and maintain high technology standards.

Eain Jones
Senior Technical Manager, ADTECH


The Business Context

ADTECH is a digital marketing company, providing publishers, agencies and ad networks with products to manage, serve and evaluate online advertising campaigns, including display, video and mobile formats.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, ADTECH is the ad serving platform of AOL’s digital advertising business.

Keeping up with high performance standards, ADTECH sought to increase the efficiency of its ad serving and data management processes. The goal was to enhance the ad serving technology with a new set of functionalities. The new components had to be tested to ensure faster confirmation of product builds and consequently of product releases.

The Solution

ADTECH’s integrated ad serving platform allows publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to create, manage and track their digital advertising campaigns, including display, video and mobile formats.

iQuest was engaged to develop a test strategy that would uncover the risks within the ad serving system and across the software solutions and suggest improvements. Together with ADTECH, we created a combination of tools and testing processes that increased test coverage and improved the Continuous Integration practices through automated testing.

Using agile development methodologies we integrated the testing team within the development group aiming to identify the potential flaws of the product and the quality of the code at early stages. Our test engineers developed API tests as an intermediary between the unit and the UI tests to provide quick feedback to the development team regarding software release quality, thus improving the product’s viability throughout the entire development lifecycle.

The most critical business flows on the UI level were automated, increasing the testing productivity and ensuring a more user friendly product. We focused on increasing the reliability of the product’s functionalities, going through a continuous research and adjustment process of the testing automation framework.

The Business Impact

The combination of agile software development and a pool of flexible testing resources led to the implementation of a scalable methodology helping ADTECH improve cost efficiency and reduce time-to-market.

By using test automation as a tool to generate test data for volume and performance tests, we augmented the manual testing productivity and efficiency, enabling a rapid feedback delivery to the development team regarding the quality of each product build.

The integration of the automation testing in the software release model provides fast, repeatable, reusable and reliable means to test the software products, increasing the overall product quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Usability
    Augmented testing manual for productivity and efficiency looking to enable a rapid feedback delivery and a fast, repeatable and reusable testing software products.
  • Improved Flexibility
    Reduced time-to-market and cost improvements by focusing on agile software development and scalable testing methodology
  • Improved Productivity
    Enhanced reliability of product functionalities and automated business flows inside the testing automation framework.
  • Improved Quality
    Increased efficiency of ad serving and data managing processes through faster product builds confirmation and product releases

ADTECH’s highly established digital marketing services benefit from a full set of rigorous testing processes, which brings valuable market flexibility and helps mitigate business risks.