How to unlock levels in your career? Meet our technology professionals who can let you in on a few secrets.

The Level Up Day talks and workshops offer a key combination of technical, business and soft skills that cover coding, remote learning, risk-taking and stress management.

Whether you're interested in acquiring new abilities or mastering existing ones, choose the stream that suits you best and join the Level Up Day activities for an empowering experience.

The event will be at our new iQuest office in Cluj-Napoca, so make sure you check it out while you're there and enjoy the giveaways we have prepared for you.

3 November

Moderators & Speakers

Alpár Kövér Alpár Kövér Tech Lead at iQuest
Luminita Curtui Luminita Curtui Test Manager
at iQuest

In iQuest, Alpár joined as a web developer, later moving towards .NET Framework technologies. Throughout his journey, he has been a software engineer, team lead and scrum master on multiple teams, currently working as a technical lead.

Outside the office, he mostly likes to try out new things every year: traveling, having a baby, snowboarding, building a house, motorcycling, having another baby - and the list goes on.

Luminita has over 15 years' experience in testing, in the past 6 years working as a Test Manager. She started the iQuest Remote Learning Program on Testing back in 2014, in the quest of talented testers and has been training them ever since.

Diana Mic Diana Mic Business Analyst
at iQuest
Sebastian Mekal Sebastian Mekal Senior Software
Engineer at iQuest

Diana is an enthusiast Business Analyst with Telecommunication and Transportation eCommerce expertise who likes to solve business challenges by exploring new ideas and shape them in envisioned solutions. She is proud of her background in Testing which is the perfect aid in a Business Analyst job.

She enjoys travelling, learning foreign languages, gardening, cooking and of course, eating.

Sebastian has more than 5 years of experience in software development, including 3 years in SAP Hybris commerce. During that time he was working both on customer and internal Hybris projects.

During free time, Sebastian enjoys reading books or playing basketball.

Florin Flestea Florin Flestea Software Engineer at iQuest,
public speaking enthusiast
Valentin Ogrean Valentin Ogrean Tech Lead at iQuest

Florin has been working as a developer for 6 years now and has also been involved in 3rd level support activities for 2 years.

In his free time, he likes meeting up with friends, doing personal development activities and participating in public speaking training groups.

He's a big fan of applying knowledge gained in his free time to improve his work.

In iQuest, Valentin has held several roles throughout the years - software engineer, team lead, project manager and currently tech lead in a medium-sized project built on .NET technologies.

In his free time, Valentin likes to read, play videogames, watch movies and be active doing sports. But most of all, he likes to play with his two daughters.

Zoltan Antal Zoltan Antal Technical Lead
at iQuest and API guru

Zoltan is also a Java Champion with almost 10 years of experience in the field. During his days as an active Java developer he built both monolithic and micro services. Nowadays, he lives in the world of APIs and he likes it.

He's also the proud owner of 3 cats. Real cats, not virtual ones.

Action Points

11.00 - 12.00: iQuest Office Tours
14.00 - 15.00: Luminita Curtui - Launching the Remote Learning Program on Testing
The need for good testers is increasing on the IT services market. This program is aimed at finding and training people with the talent and specific skills required by this activity. Its goal, setup and requirements will be covered in the presentation and the Q&A session, which will also feature some success stories of program participants.
15.00 - 20.00: Alpar Kover Code Retreat
In preparation for the Global Day of Coderetreat, we are hosting this session of intensive practice: problem-solving, challenging constraints, pair programming, and many insights, all in the name of fine software craftsmanship.
15.00 - 16.00: Zoltan Antal - Code Quality, Code Design, Clean Code
Code has to be kept clean over time. Code 'rots' and degrades as time passes. We will learn about the basics of clean code & code design with simple examples.
16.00 - 16.15: Coffee break
16.15 - 17.45: Diana Mic & Sebastian Mekal, DEMO - Meet iQuest's ticketing solution for ground transportation
We'll show you how existing technologies for retail commerce can address new business domains like ground transportation.

The Demo will show case the iQuest eTicketing solution - iQRailway - in an interactive demo session. Features presentation is enriched with technical insides.

Note - It is the only eTickting solution for ground transportation built on top of SAP Hybris Commerce platform. Join us!
17.45 - 18.00: Coffee break
18.00 - 19.00: Valentin Ogrean - Containing risks
Risks are inherently present in any undertaking. Let's try to understand them and make a case for risk management and some of its techniques.
19.00 - 20.00: Florin Flestea - Stress management: Overanalyzing
Usually, it is not very difficult to overanalyze when working on a task or during a meeting, but this happens a lot more often when we are working under stress. This presentation intends to create awareness over an aspect that most of us ignore or is confused by. Let's have a look at what we can do to notice and minimize the effects of overanalyzing.

The registration period for the Level Up Day has ended. Thanks for joining our event! Looking forward to seeing you there!