Eliasz Sawicki Eliasz Sawicki iOS Developer
at Bright Inventions
Marcel Weiher Marcel Weiher Speaker, Author

Eliasz is focused on providing great iOS experience and constantly looking for ways to improve his solutions, which is one of the main topics of his blog. When his Mac is sleeping, Eliasz is probably playing guitar or reading books.

Marcel Weiher is the author of iOS and macOS Performance Tuning and helps out the iOS and Mac teams at Microsoft create Wunderlist and To-Do. He also works on his own PDF tools and projects, such as Objective-Smalltalk at metaobject ltd.

Previously, he was lead for the award winning Livescribe Desktop, tech lead at BBC and responsible for Cocoa Performance at Apple. After futzing with a home-grown Objective-C compiler on his Amiga, he upgraded to a NeXT Cube and never looked back. He adores spending time with his little daughter and when he's not programming, he flies small airplanes.

Balint Dezso Balint Dezso Senior iOS Engineer
at iQuest
Pawel Bragoszewski Pawel Bragoszewski Senior iOS Developer
at Hypermedia

Balint has over 4 years of Mobile experience. He has spent most of his time developing SDKs for some of the biggest ad serving companies in Europe and America.

When he's not coding or learning, Balint likes to relax by playing darts or lifting weights at the gym.

Pawel has been developing on iOS for the last 8 years. He has worked for small startups and big companies, developing more apps than he can remember. When he's not busy with mobile projects, Pawel runs marathons, collects modern art, and designs games as part of the WarSaw Games team.

Samuel Goodwin Samuel Goodwin Owner of Roundwall Software, Developer and Teacher

Samuel is the sole owner of Roundwall Software and has been working in iOS development since the original SDK. He teaches bootcamps and classes and runs a volunteer event every Saturday to help new developers in Amsterdam.

Lineup & Schedule

15.00 - 15.30: Welcome & Registration
15.30 - 16.20: Eliasz Sawicki - Functional Reactive Programming with ReactiveCocoa
Let me introduce you to Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). First we will ignore programming languages and see what lies behind the concept of FRP. After the introduction, in order to understand how to work with frameworks inspired by FRP, we will take a closer look at ReactiveSwift.
16.20 - 17.10: Marcel Weiher - High-Performance App Architecture
We all know that premature optimisation is the root of all evil, after all Knuth said so. So performance tuning is best done at the end of a project, once everything is finished. Or is it' Using practical examples, Marcel will demonstrate how getting your architecture right ahead of time can be crucial for achieving performance. And also tell you what Knuth really wrote.
17.10 - 17.30: Coffee break
17.30 - 18.20: Balint Dezso - Machine Servicing with ARKit
As the world becomes more and more automated by machines the need for expertise to service these machines will only grow. In order to negate the learning curve for new technicians we can utilize augmented reality. In this talk I will talk and exemplify how we developed a proof of concept with ARKit to showcase a tutorial on how to replace a battery on an industrial machine.
18.20 - 19.10: Samuel Goodwin - Core Data Performance
Samuel will discuss CoreData performance using sample projects as examples. He'll discuss over-complication, premature optimisation and performance monitoring.
19.10 - 19.30: Coffee break
19.30 - 20.20: Pawel Bragoszewski - Generics & Extensions in Swift
Generics can help more readable and usable Swift code. They give programmer a sense of freedom and flexibility while retaining compile time type safety. I will show some very basic examples of generic functions and then move to advanced topics like constrained extension and future development of generics in upcoming version of Swift.
20.30: Networking over drinks & snacks

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Victor Kropp Victor Kropp Software Developer at JetBrains, one of the 'jet-brains' behind Kotlin
Alexandra Iacob Alexandra Iacob Senior Software
Engineer at iQuest

At JetBrains, Victor crafts best tools for developers and has participated in many projects including ReSharper, dotCover, Hub, Toolbox App and other.

In his free time, Victor swims, travels, runs long-distance triathlons or hikes in the Alps with his wife and son. He writes in Russian about books, triathlons and travelling.

With 10 years' experience in IT, Alexandra has been focusing on Android applications development in the last 6 years. She says Kotlin offered her a new challenge to complete, as she's a very determined person. Her determination is key also when she's on a noble quest: rescuing stray cats and dogs and finding them welcoming homes.

Paulina Strychacz Paulina Strychacz Senior Software Engineer at Intive
Grzegorz Dec Grzegorz Dec Android Developer
at Intive

Paulina started her mobile career as a Java ME developer, has had some episodes with Symbian and Windows Mobile, but for over 5 years she's been loyal to the Android platform. She has developed several types of apps - automotive, VOD, cloud storage client, secure instant messenger.

In her free time, Paulina travels a lot, plays Samba and loves to dance kizomba. She also likes to work out at the gym or at the squash court.

Greg is a big fan of Kotlin and unit testing and he has over 4 years' experience in Android software development. In his spare time, he likes to look for new personal development opportunities.

Lineup & Schedule

15.00 - 15.30: Welcome & Registration
15.30 - 16.20: Victor Kropp - Introduction to Kotlin
Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains that targets multiple platforms including the JVM, JavaScript, and native binaries. It has been recently adopted as an officially supported language for Android development.

Kotlin offers clean and concise syntax, interoperability, both object oriented and functional code constructs, and a lot of other cool features with little or no overhead. In some cases, Kotlin code is even faster than its Java equivalent!

In this talk, I will show the basic language constructs, compare it to Java, and also show some nice features for Android developers.
16.20 - 17.10: TBD
17.10 - 17.30: Coffee break
17.30 - 18.20: Alexandra Iacob - Android Applications using Anko
Let's find out together what is Anko and how we can accelerate and simplify the interface development using it. During the presentation we will cover the DSL Layout, Anko Coroutines, but also the Commons module that provides a lot of helpers in working with Android views.
18.20 - 19.10: Victor Kropp - Kotlin coroutines
More and more applications are now written in an asynchronous way. Many modern programming languages have built-in support for this programming style, like async/await in C# or goroutines in Go. Kotlin 1.1 introduced a concept of suspendable functions also known as coroutines, which allowed supporting async/await, yield and similar patterns as primitives defined in libraries, not as built-in language constructs.

In this talk, I'll show how to use coroutines in Kotlin and how they work under the hood.
19.10 - 19.30: Coffee break
19.30 - 20.20: Paulina Strychacz, Grzegorz Dec - Kotlinify your unit tests (and specs!)
Kotlin is finally supported by Google as a first-class language. We'll present tips on how to write readable unit tests utilizing Kotlin and already available libraries. Let's check what benefits we can get from libraries like kotlintest and how it may speed up your work. We're gonna tell you also how to apply Spek Framework to make your tests a live specification. You will be introduced to Expekt library, which can be also used for assertions. With our hints you can easily choose the best library to include in your projects.

Squeeze what's best from Kotlin libs making your tests maintainable and beautiful!
20.30: Networking over drinks & snacks

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