The Transportation industry is expanding rapidly, finding itself on the lookout for ways to manage and benefit from various challenges related to customer service, operational efficiency, time-to-market, interconnectivity or regulations.

Most of the improvements or innovations Transportation companies aim to perform are rooted in the IT environment, which focuses on advancing their performance beyond the “carrying passengers & goods from point A to B” perception.

Using our IT know-how and domain expertise, iQuest can help Transportation companies grow into high performers by becoming more flexible, reducing their operational costs, managing their resources more efficiently and driving better customer intimacy.

Focus Segments

iQuest’s dedicated solutions serve various clients from a wide range of industry segments, such as Airlines, Rails and Logistics, each benefiting from a particular, market oriented approach.


iQuest has more than 10 years of experience in transportation-specific service delivery. Over time, many large Transportation companies turned to iQuest to help them link their operational resources with the market demand, in order to remain competitive and their customer’s top choice.

We leverage our know-how to answer clients’ most demanding needs through an agile approach, by ensuring they move forward from legacy IT systems and transformation defiant platforms.

Our expertise spans over:

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • Omni-Channel Commerce Implementation
  • Loyalty Management
  • Order Management
  • Airport Infrastructure Management
  • Application Development & Integration


Relying on a well-balanced approach to our clients’ business and IT capabilities, we provide you a broad range of services & solutions, essential to achieving the desired performance.

  • Commerce Solutions: B2B2C omni-channel commerce solutions to speed up time-to-market, enable strong personalisation and drive better sales.
  • IoT & M2M: Platforms and applications designed to connect systems, assets and users.
  • Digital Security: Integrated security services to match the right protection requirements of any operation.
  • Managed Services: 24/7 Support and Product Care for your IT applications, systems and infrastructures.