Meeting Room


In-office localization
is the key to Smart
Office Management

Schedule meetings in a matter of seconds

One of today’s challenges in many enterprises is the increasing number of meetings. Using the available space efficiently while accommodating many busy schedules can be very time-consuming. Not to mention that many important project meetings suffer delays, interruptions or even cancellations.

In-office localization is the key to Smart Office Management

Efficient use of resources

There are two important limitations in the fast-paced business world: space and time.
Our solution has the capability to overcome both.


Do you need a meeting room right away, let’s say, to discuss the important changes in your project?

In a matter of seconds, you can find the most convenient meeting room that best suits your needs.


You can easily access the status of any meeting room in your enterprise across all company offices.

By using the filters, it is easier to select the room with the right capacity and equipment.


You are one tap away from booking the right room for your meeting.

Using the convenience of your smartphone, tap the widget and the right meeting room will be booked for you.


Using iBeacon technology or Ruckus WiFi, the system automatically detects you when entering a meeting room and checks you in. If you don’t check in, the system cancels the reservation and lets other colleagues book that room.

Integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, the solution
is easy to deploy into your existing corporate environment.


Convenience Convenience

Exchange integration

Unused bookings cancellation

BYOD or CYOD model

Efficiency Efficiency

Automatic check-in

Exceeded Meeting Notification

Easy and fast booking

Meeting Rooms, upgraded

Give your employees the chance to make better use of their time and space. With a fast and flexible solution, you benefit from seamless business processes.

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