With cloud and mobile reshaping the business application landscape, companies are looking for tailored software solutions that can go beyond the capabilities of out-of-the-box products. iQuest has almost two decades of experience in helping businesses modernise and streamline their IT systems by deploying custom software solutions.


iQuest Application Development encompasses the full spectrum of custom application development services – from business analysis to architecture, software engineering and testing, to application care and support. This enables us to assist you every step of the way and provide complete end-to-end application development across different delivery and engagement models.

Additionally, we support clients with:

  • Enterprise application integration
  • Technical and solution consultancy
  • Legacy application reengineering and migration
  • Software configuration and customisation
  • Software quality audits

Our application development services are supported by more than 500 software engineers, testing professionals, and certified technology experts that employ a wide array of methodologies, tools, and architectures. iQuest’s delivery practices consist of experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Developers and Support Analysts who are able to develop, integrate and support software solutions – including Java, .NET and C++, that meet the highest software engineering standards.

Development Processes

iQuest’s application development approach is founded on the principles of fast delivery, usability and easy maintenance. We provide both agile and plan driven methodologies, and we always make sure we select the most appropriate development and implementation process to ensure best-in-class delivery.

Plan Driven
iQuest’s generic software development process is based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and is configured according to typical business-driven projects. Our experience with long-term and complex projects includes various roles, from requirements gathering to project management, and 24×7 Support. We employ RUP when the entire scope of the project is well defined and a complete analysis of the solution together with the required building blocks are feasible.

iQuest fully embraces Agile as a guiding principle even when working in highly regulated industries. Agile frameworks such as SCRUM have proven to be highly effective and purposeful in our experience. We have successfully delivered multiple projects using SCRUM, ranging from internally managed teams to fully distributed teams taking part in the client’s processes. We were even able to fit a SCRUM process within fixed-scope projects.

Based on both waterfall and agile approaches WSF is a hybrid delivery process developed by iQuest. The model merges the best of WATERFALL and SCRUM to form a unique project delivery model.

  • WATER: project direction, scoping and requirements, up-front planning
  • SCRUM: sprints, incremental and time-boxed approach, requirements and architecture, frequent and fast releases
  • FALL: project handover, maintenance and support cycle