Closing the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience has rapidly made its way through on the strategic agenda of railway companies. Travellers are as active online, when planning, booking or reviewing, as they are offline when commuting, travelling or exploring.

Relying on 10 years of experience in the Transportation sector, iQuest is currently supporting railway companies to offer more engaging and sales-driven travel experiences through our SAP Hybris-based Rail Commerce Platform. We’ve built the platform around e-ticketing, personalisation and ancillary products to empower your business to sell a trip experience rather than just train tickets.


  • Paperless Ticketing
  • Personalised content, products and UX
  • Self-Service & Loyalty
  • Pricing & Commercial inventory
  • Ancillary product & service integration


  • Unified Omni-Channel personalisation engine
  • Customer Engagement on preferred channels
  • New revenue streams through auxiliary services integration
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Package pricing control

Creating a consistent and personalised experience when bridging the customer’s online and offline worlds is what your railway company should aim for when investing in customer-facing technologies.