iQuest relies on an agile end-to-end testing approach and in-depth understanding of business needs to support clients who seek to transform their quality assurance infrastructure, streamline their testing processes and enhance their business readiness. As the demand for high-performance applications and stable systems is intensifying, we help organisations find new ways to minimise production flaws and delivery delays, while enhancing the efficiency and quality of their solutions.


iQuest provides both integrated and stand-alone testing services, ensuring end-to-end quality for your product or application by conducting quality assurance activities throughout the entire development life cycle. We combine a wide range of specialised and established testing methodologies, and employ the latest commercial and open source tools.

Our comprehensive suite of QA and Testing services includes:


  • QA & Test Consulting
  • Test Automation Consulting
Test Automation:

  • UI Test Automation
  • Mobile Test Automation
Functional & Non-Functional Testing:

  • Functional Testing: integration, system, user acceptance
  • Non-Functional Testing: performance, load and stress, security, scalability, usability, compatibility and portability
Specialised Testing:

  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing & Optimisation
  • Verification & Validation
  • BI & Data warehouse Testing
  • Agile Testing

Testing Factory

iQuest can also support your quality assurance efforts through its Testing Factory approach. This enables you to benefit from a tailored set of services that blend resource availability, flexibility, and scalability.

How it works

An iQuest dedicated team is set up to handle and manage all your specific requests and testing needs. The team is managed by iQuest Testing Managers and is comprised of a core team that can be easily scaled based on your unique requirements. This in turn ensure an optimal balance between quality of testing, meeting deadlines and reduced costs.

With iQuest’s Test Factory approach you benefit from:

  • Up to 50% reduction in defect propagation from SIT to UAT and Go-Live
  • Repeatability, predictability and high level of test coverage
  • Effective governance and tracking using defined key metrics
  • Reduced UAT phase, saving on delivery timelines and costs
  • Cost saving due to the reuse of test design artefacts
  • Test execution time and cost reduction through test automation

Business Impact

Our QA & Testing Practice has been a reliable service provider for global enterprises for well over 15 years. From the largest furniture retailer in the world, to leading telecom operators, banking institutions and energy providers in Europe, all rely on iQuest’s QA & Testing services to ensure software quality, reduce costs, and decrease cycle times.

Additionally we help our clients:

  • Reduce overall resource requirements and test execution time
  • Run a highly effective test automation framework
  • Get faster confirmation of product builds and release
  • Increase software performance
  • Improve product functionality and testing productivity