Organisations have become more aware of the critical impact user experience has on the success of their applications. When designing new digital products or services, businesses have to factor in the human component, always keeping in mind the wants and needs of the end-user.

iQuest adheres to the principles of human-centred design, combining creativity, insight and  technology to create visual designs that generate a truly engaging user experience. We design enterprise and client-facing applications, catering to the different needs of our clients through a consultative approach and a comprehensive range of creative skills.


iQuest’s User Experience Design services cover the full spectrum of the product design lifecycle, from initial research to delivery of your complete User Interface, all encompassed by our philosophy of achieving the best possible user experience. Our team has an extensive experience in creating efficient user-centric designs that provide a consistent “look and feel” and facilitate user adoption, while successfully communicating corporate branding.

Our UX & UI design competencies span across:

  • Mobile solutions
  • Commerce solutions
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Digital products
  • Enterprise portals

Design Process

Our many years of delivering top quality designs have taught us to think innovatively but be realistic. Although we constantly strive to deliver visually stunning and content-rich designs, what we propose is pragmatic and feasible. Because we have the expertise to develop the solutions we design, we can make even the most complex designs work in the real world.

Over time we’ve optimised our processes, to suit the complexity of any project and developed a client-inclusive approach that guarantees you get what you’re after. We collaborate with you to better understand your project and technical needs, and find the most suitable solution for your business challenges.

Our design process is based on the following steps:

Research & Intake

  • User information intake
  • Business requirements intake
  • User experience research
  • Planning
Insight & Analysis

  • Strategy definition and validation
  • Persona definition
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction model
Vision & Concept

  • Concept definition
  • Design option exploration
  • Prototyping
  • Concept validation
Design & Review

  • Brand analysis
  • Visual design
  • Usablility testing & review
  • Usability metrics assessment