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Every story of becoming starts with a journey. And every individual setting out on this journey is in the “driver seat” for a path with many challenges and opportunities. Career development is no different. But the journey is always more pleasant with the right people on board to tag along and guide through.

What is iQuest University?

  • iQuest University is the framework that helps you put your talent in motion by assuring a collaborative, creative and a learning-by-doing environment that unlocks your potential.
  • Our trainers are professional peers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, while making sure that having fun is always on their training agenda.

What can you find here?

  1. Technical Skills Programs:
  • Through iQuest University, we’ve been growing talented IT professionals since 1998.
  • We have internal experienced trainers and mentors who will share knowledge and help you discover and build your capabilities.
  1. Soft Skills Training Sessions:
  • While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. In a given situation with 2 people having similar technical skills, the difference in performance is that of “soft or social skills” development.

All our technical programs include soft skills training elements as well. We do this not by having a predefined curriculum, but by putting in place a custom session, based on your actual needs.

Who can join?

iQuest University is available for all talented IT students (either with a formal or non-formal IT background), passionate to start-up their career by joining us. For each program you will find what qualifications you need to meet in order to participate.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Want to put your talent in motion? We’ve got you covered! Come on board for this remote learning program, and you’ll be able to confidently tackle Java or WebDev technology.


Remote Learning 

Remote Learning

What is Java & WebDev Remote Learning?

A program for students where an experienced mentor will guide you through and help you improve your technical skills. To do this, we will combine remote assignments and weekly face to face discussions.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will go through all themes related to Java or WebDev programming language
  • You will get the right documentation for study
  • Practical assignments
  • Continuous feedback on your activity and solutions
  • You might have the possibility to join our team as a colleague
  • You can come in the coolest Summer Internship without additional interviews and you’ll have the opportunity to work at a product from scratch. For example, in the last Summer Internship students created a news aggregator.


  • All students from technical universities, any specialization (Computers, Automation, Computers-Mathematics, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Construction etc.)
  • Programming skills necessary: basic understanding and experience on a programming language and algorithms
  • basic English skills

Duration: 15 weeks

Application & interviews period: 8 - 21 November 2016

Here are the details:


You can download the full curricula here and for any additional details regarding the programme, feel free to contact us at

Send us your application by filling out the form below until 21 November 2016. Once your application has been selected, you will hear from us right away.

Note: ONLY selected candidates will be contacted!

(If you are interested in joining our C# Remote Learning Module due to take place in the upcoming period, please watch this page. We are going to get back to you with subscription details once available.)

The application period for our Remote Learning Programme has ended. Thanks for signing up!

Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Want to see how working on a real project feels like? Join our summer internship and let's get practical!


Summer Internship 

Summer Internship

Through our Internship program we offer students the opportunity to work in an environment as close to a real project as possible. You will be part of a team covering all the tools and practices that we at iQuest use in a development environment such as: source control, continuous integration, code review tools, agile practices.

As a student, you will have dedicated and experienced iQuest team members as mentors, who will guide you through the project, perform code reviews and help you grow.

Here’s an example of such projects, which the students who joined our 2014 and 2015 program had to opportunity to work on:

  • Personal Budget Adviser

The application is a client – server solution for managing your finances. It provides an insight into your spending habits and offers integration with some of the most popular Romanian banks via SMS notifications (BT). The final product will be available on several platforms: Windows Phone and web statistics.

  • Business trip requests planner

The application offers an interface in which any authenticated user can register a business trip request. Later, all the requests can be viewed in a monthly calendar that can be filtered by the following criteria: location, with personal car, number of passengers, hotel (the list can go on).

  • News Agregator

News aggregator is system composed by several micro-services helping you to get/search the latest news and events based on your location, by fetching, caching and exposing news and event data from several different external sources.

Our next Internship program will be organized in the summer of 2017. We are going to get back to you with subscription details once available.

Advanced Frameworks

Advanced Frameworks

Are you in the final year of your studies? It's time to tackle and learn actual frameworks used in real life projects for your chosen programming language!


Advanced Frameworks 

Advanced Frameworks

This is basically the last phase of our students’ programs suite, we’re putting at your disposal.

  • It mainly addresses the students who are in the final year of their studies and who have completed the Remote Learning and Summer Internship program, as it concentrates exclusively on practicalities.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn frameworks used in real life projects for the chosen programming language. Besides this, you will also have the option to use the output of this learning context as an input for the university thesis you have chosen.
  • One or more of the following technologies will be covered for Java during this training session: Spring, JPA or a specific web framework technology (like Spring MVC, JSF, Stripes, GWT, etc.).
  • Duration for the Java & WebDev programme: aprox. 8 weeks

Our Advanced Frameworks program is not open for subscriptions at the moment. We are going to get back to you with subscription details once available.

Sibiu Training Program

Sibiu Training Program

Our collaboration with the ULBS Faculty of Science continues. See what we've got in store for the tech students in Sibiu!


Sibiu Training Program 

Sibiu Training Program

We started the collaboration with the ULBS Faculty of Science in Sibiu, back in December 2015. This was conceived as a pilot initiative meant to identify those activities though which we can spread the iQuest take on education among potential young professionals.

Throughout the university year, each month, students have the opportunity to attend a training offered by iQuest. We alternatively offer both technical and soft skills sessions.

Examples of such sessions, would be:

  • Technical Skills:
    • The Story of Refactoring, Radu Vunvulea, Solution Architect
    • Business and Software Ecosystems: How to Model, Analyze & Survive!, Monica Catana-Petraru, Senior Business Analyst
    • How to write shitty code?, Adrian Barglazan (Software Engineer), Eugen Rosenfeld (Solution Architect)
  • Soft Skills:
    • Communication Skills, Mihaela Crisan (Training Coordinator), Adrian Popa (HR Manager)
    • Time Management, Mihaela Crisan (Training Coordinator), Adrian Popa (HR Manager)

Following on the success of last year’s training sessions, this year as well, we continue to enthusiastically promote our take on education.

So if you’re a student at the ULBS University in Sibiu and would like to be part of our fun and meaningful learning experience, please check this page and stay tuned as we’ll be keeping you posted. Also, for any question please drop us an email at