New to Java? We’ll help you get your basics right. The program covers code design principles, best practices and the core elements of Java technology.

The Java Remote Learning program is addressed to undergraduate students in their first years of studies. Our mentors provide the right documentation for study, give practical assignments and meet with you once a week for workshops, Q&A, discussing solutions and progress.


What will you learn?

In its first part which lasts about 3 weeks, the program covers Object Oriented Programming in general. The second part will cover the core elements of Java technology. For 12 weeks, you will dwell in the dazzling world of Java, learning all the basics, from simple method creation to class-loading, threading etc.



The program is available in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova and Sibiu.

Audience: all students of Mathematics, Computer Science, Telecommunications or Information Technology.

The Remote Learning Program requires no previous experience, but we do value a keen interest in Java programming.

The duration of the program is about 15 weeks.






The first session of the program will start soon.

If you have any questions about Java Remote Learning, feel free to drop us an email at


"It was an interesting experience, I learned a lot of new things. How to write optimal and organized code, how to approach the problem, how to test my code to be perfectly functional. Every week I received a new task and from each task I learned something new or deepened my knowledge. I did all of this next to a great team who encouraged me and supported me the entire time. I received a lot of great advice about how to improve my code and how to use the resources I have. I got to see what's it like to work in a big company where you have resposibilities and deadlines. I really liked the people and enjoyed the program, at the end of it I already felt as part of the company."

- Paula Sinca