Take your Java skills to the next level in a paid one-month internship. If you’re a student or a graduate who has basic knowledge of Java concepts and you want to learn and work on real-life projects, we have the right spot in our teams.

What will you learn?

The internship takes you through a team assignment to develop and deliver a solution, setting the perfect context for you to learn how to:
  • Build a multi-module project from scratch (Maven)
  • Grasp the basics of http and https
  • Design an application from scratch
  • Design a database
  • Set up the database from scratch (MySql)
  • How to set up a web container (Tomcat)
  • How to connect to an existing REST service (write a REST client)
  • How to set up a REST service themselves
  • To connect to the database via JDBC to store, retrieve, update and delete data
  • To write unit (JUnit & Mockito), integration (JUnit) and acceptance tests
  • Methodologies and how to follow processes from inception to release
  • How to use a continuous integration tool like Jenkins
  • How to work in a team (including reviewing each other’s code)


  • The program is available in Brașov and Sibiu. 
  • Audience: tech enthusiasts, graduates and students of Mathematics, Computer Science, Telecommunications or Information Technology
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Basic knowledge of web development (not mandatory)

The duration of the program is one month.

If you have any questions about Java Summer Internship, feel free to drop us an email at