Sharpen your C# skills and learn to write beautiful code.

The Microsoft Advanced Frameworks is a free program addressed to students in the final year of their studies who have completed our C# Remote Learning program.



What will you learn?

This foundation course focuses on design principles, best practices, technology core elements. It covers topics such as:


  • Classes, objects, structures, execution control, array class, fields, methods, visibility modifiers, interfaces
  • Finalizers, Disposable objects, I/O in C#
  • Delegates,events, lambda expressions, Linq
  • Collections and generics
  • Error handling with exceptions & common errors, collections, searching, modifying and encoding text; reflection; serialization
  • Network Sockets, Multithreading
  • Entity framework
  • WEB API basic functionality
  • Logging, refactoring
  • Clean code


The program is available in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova and Sibiu.

The Microsoft Advanced Frameworks program is addressed to students of Mathematics, Computer Science, Telecommunications or Information Technology who are in the final year of their studies completed our C# Remote Learning or have good basic knowledge of object-oriented programming.

The program requires good basic knowledge of C# or object-oriented programming.


The duration of the program is about 10 weeks.


Early program application: Registration has not started yet and you are too eager to wait for it? Enter your contact details and we’ll keep you posted when registrations are open.


If you have any questions about the Microsoft Advanced Frameworks, feel free to drop us an email at