New to web development? We’ll help you get your basics right. The program explores the browser, markup languages, frameworks and the ecosystems around them.

The WebDev Remote Learning program is addressed to undergraduate students in their first years of studies. Our mentors provide the right documentation for study, give practical assignments and meet with you once a week for workshops, Q&A, discussing solutions and progress.


What will you learn?

In its first part, the program covers HTTP protocol, browser functionality, CSS and HTML 5. We will build component based templates/layouts and explore frameworks like bootstrap. The second part will dig more into JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks and REST services.



The program is available in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova.

Audience: all students of Mathematics, Computer Science, Telecommunications or Information Technology.

The Remote Learning Program requires no previous experience, but we do value a keen interest in Java programming.


The duration of the program is about 9 weeks plus one possible extra week, depending on the needs of the students.






The first session of the program will start very soon.

If you have any questions about WebDev Remote Learning, feel free to drop us an email at university@iquestgroup.com.


"I learned the basics of front-end development by starting with HTML, CSS and and continuing with an in-depth dive into javascript. The most useful things to me were the insights about how to write quality code. I didn'tuse to think about writing clean code that is easy to read and to scale until I received a lot of advice and constructive feedback from our mentors during the code reviews. Their help was invaluable in making me a better programmer and in getting to know the mindset of working in a software engineering team.During the internship I was actually involved in developing a real application end-to-end using NodeJs, Express, Mongodb and other new technologies. Besides working with the latest techonoliges, I also got familiar with the AGILE methodologies and now I know what it really means to work in a team."

- Alexandru Onaci